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In the hot weather of Singapore, it has become almost impossible for us to do any daily activities without air conditioning. So air-conditioned housing or offices are now everywhere. But one thing we don’t think about is until your Aircon problem is created.

When your Aircon has a problem, it needs to be repaired very quickly. Because Aircon is a system that can cause a lot of big accidents. If you do not think about repairing the matter seriously, the problem may get worse and the chances of damage may increase. If there is a problem with Aircon, the first thing you need to do is show it to a professional Aircon expert. He or she will determine the current state of your air-condition and what will be the next step in repairing it.
A non-functioning aircon will make your daily life difficult. At the same time, it will make the life of your loved one uncomfortable. So you should contact a professional Aircon repair expert to get rid of your problem. Home Repair Services Aircon Servicing in Singapore has been providing repair and service for many years. We at aircon services in sg have a dedicated repair team. We inspect your home as soon as we know of the problem and take appropriate measures to repair the aircon.

Do you know when and if you see any symptoms you need to repair your Aircon? Do you know when an Aircon needs to be repaired in an emergency or how to handle it to reduce the hassle of repairing an Aircon? Our experts guide you through complete aircon services, repairs as well as inspections. We also solve the issues of False Ceiling & Electrical Works, Room Partition, Ceiling & Lighting, Cleaning & checking the air filter, Ceiling & Partition Services

Signs Your Aircon Needs Repair

If Aircon has been in use for several years, various problems arise. If the AC is too old then the problem will continue one after the other. While not all types of problems are serious, some problems are very obvious, in which case you cannot solve them without a professional air conditioning expert. So let’s see what problems you need Aircon Expert for and how to handle the issues.

Water leaks

Water leaks are a very common problem in air conditioners. This is a very boring experience for everyone. If you have this problem, you not only have to clean the water falling on the floor repeatedly, you also have to deal with the sound of water falling on the aircon. There are many reasons for water to come out of an aircon but it is not possible for you to identify it. You must seek the assistance of an Aircon technician. However, if you do not try to solve the problem from the beginning, the leakage may increase, which will increase the problem day by day. Even if it is too late, an Aircon replacement may be required in the end.

Not turning on

Sometimes it is seen that it is not working even after launching Aircon. Such a situation is really unsatisfactory. Usually fuse or circuit breaker tripping can be such a problem. If this is the case, repairs do not take much work, replacements or resets are required. If the problem is not solved then your thermostat is more likely to have a problem. Even if the air-condition is older, such a problem can occur. So an Aircon expert from aircon services sg is able to give you the right solution.

The Stench or Bad Odour

The stench in the aircon is very annoying. This is more likely to happen if you don’t clean the dust and dirt regularly. As a result, it releases foul smelling air due to trapped dust and sand. If you do not maintain an Aircon for a long time, an expert can assist you in this task.


There are many reasons why water in your aircon unit can freeze. It is estimated that about 70 per cent of the Aircon repairs in Singapore are done to solve this ice problem. It is difficult to say why ice is being formed, there may be various reasons behind it. A skilled air conditioner can help you succeed in this task.

No cold air coming out

Sometimes your aircon can fail to get cold air out. This is usually due to defective compressor or Freon level abnormalities. Such problems should never be hailed. Any other major accident can also happen in that case. So report to an expert quickly without running AC. They will give you the next direction by watching carefully.

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Exhales warm air

Occasionally the AC can emit hot air instead of cold air. Problems such as refrigerators, thermostats, or compressors usually cause such unwanted problems. This is also the case for faulty maintenance of air filters or aircon units. In case of any such problem, contact an experienced AC expert immediately. He will give you the right solution. The Home Repair Service in Singapore works very carefully to find a solution.

Increase in electricity bill

If you suddenly see your electricity bill coming up, then if you don’t see any other electrical faults, it is because of the Aircon’s malfunction. If the air conditioning is not installed properly then the chances of this happening are high. Moreover, if you do not take adequate measures for the maintenance of Aircon, you may run into such problems. A reliable and professional aircon expert can save you from this problem. Otherwise you will always be stuck in the problem of increasing the electricity bill. Even any other complication can arise from here.

Weak airflow

If all of a sudden your aircon does not give enough air as before, then it can not be restored without repair. It is commonly seen that there is a chance of damage to the fan motor, air duct, evaporator coil, or even the air filter. You must see an Aircon expert to get the right solution.

Suddenly off

Sometimes if you see that your Aircon unit is shutting down automatically, then you must understand that there is a malfunction inside which needs to be solved. This may be due to dirty evaporation or loose wirings. Problems can also be observed in the case of frozen condensers.

Making noise

Aircon can make uncomfortable noises for a variety of reasons. Noise formation certainly indicates another major problem. In this case, it would be wise to seek the help of an AC expert without waiting.

Types of Aircon Repair Services

Depending on the type of Aircon problem, how to repair it depends on the type. Regardless of the type of problem an air conditioner needs to know the following steps.

Leak repair

This problem occurs if you do not clean regularly or do not do servicing. An Aircon expert will find the next solution.

Fan motor replacement

If you have a problem with your Aircon fan motor, you will need a skilled repairman to replace it. He will also check whether it is working properly or getting hot.

Welding Works

Welding works are required if there is a problem with the coil of Aircon or if it is not serviced for a long time.

Circuit board (PCB) replacement

Getting high excessive voltage, you will have to replace your circuit board.

Capacitor replacement

Capacitor replacement will be required as a result of many years of use or excessive heat.

Condenser replacement

If there is a problem with the Aircon installation, the condenser may need to be replaced.

Thermistor replacement

If the temperature cannot be controlled, there is no other way but to replace the thermistor of the air conditioning unit.

Commercial Aircon Repair

A business environment is very important especially to maintain the productivity of the employees. The tidy and comfortable environment is very helpful for the workers to be focused on their work and increase productivity. And in this case, it is very necessary to make a quality air conditioning system. But since you are using Aircon, where do you go for any problems all of a sudden? In that case, the aircon services Singapore of Home Repair Service can reduce your worries. Let’s see what kind of problems you may face and need us.

Rattling, Buzzing, or Whistling Noises

Lack of proper maintenance can lead to various problems in Aircon due to poor maintenance. Noise is created or heated in the meantime. This can lead to problems in the business environment. Our Aircon Service Singapore can give you the right solution.

Capacity problem

As with any installation work, it may not be a good idea to have an inexperienced technician to install your air conditioning unit. There are some instances where commercial air conditioning units are not installed properly to cool your desired space. Always hire a professional Aircon Technician to effectively evaluate your business space and install the right Aircon size at the cost of repairing an affordable air conditioner compressor.

Air quality has decreased

Commercial aircons should be checked regularly to improve air quality. It is necessary to make sure that it is being cleaned regularly, whether the installation is in good condition, whether it is giving pollution free air. A professional Aircon repair service can always assist you with these matters.

Inconsistent airflow

If all the places in the office are not equally cold, then it must be understood that the air conditioning in the air condition is not right. An experienced aircon expert is needed at this time to adjust the temperature from one room to another. This can usually happen if there is a leak or a crack in the inside of the aircon. So it is important to seek the advice of an experienced person. Otherwise, bigger problems may appear later.

Choose The Best Aircon Repairing Service In Singapore

Are you looking for Aircon Expert, a premium service provider? Home Repair Services In Singapore, we have been providing regular services while maintaining the highest quality. From Aircon Repairs to Aircon Replacement, we will always be by your side no matter what service you need. Our skilled team is always ready to give you aircon services in sg.

When a broken air conditioner is in your home or business, it becomes uncomfortable in all respects. In that case, our experienced air conditioner will assist you with regular maintenance tips and services to get your aircon back to its original state.

Our main goal is quality service rather than money. Home Repair Service An experienced air conditioner repair technician in Singapore gives you a very careful solution to all kinds of problems. So contact us anytime to get maximum service.

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Did a leaky pipe or roof leave a gaping hole in your ceiling? Is your plaster cracked or falling apart? Are you trying to ignore your outdated popcorn ceiling because you think it can’t be removed? You don’t have to deal with ceiling damage, unsightly water stains, or dated textured ceilings any longer. The Home Repair Service fix the damage to your ceiling and make your home look new again – or better!

The ceiling plays an important role in comfort control. A busy ceiling can cause the room to feel cramped while a dimly lit room can make the room seem drab. Nobody knows this better than our experienced team of ceiling professionals. Whether you want to install new pendant lights or a brand new fan, our workmanship is guaranteed.

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Home Repair Service provides professional services for office partitions, house partitions, false partition walls, internal partition walls, fabric partition walls, false gypsum ceilings, E-board false ceilings, PVC wall panels, PVC room dividers, and PVC false ceiling design. 

We hire the most experienced technicians to provide the best services in the area of false partitioning and suspended ceilings to maintain high-standard services. Our technicians have brilliant partition ideas and wall partition designs that can accommodate existing building architecture and also propose designs for new buildings. Our technicians are specialized in partitioning and suspended ceilings in all UAE cities. We focus on quality to provide a maximum level of customer satisfaction.

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