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Disposal Services & Hacking Services by HRS

Disposal Services

Need space for new furniture? Why not, because we always have to bring new furniture to our house. But old or damaged furniture does not become disposed of properly. The disposal work is not so easy, because the old or unnecessary things will not leave somewhere simultaneously. As a result, you get in trouble. And that is why we have been successfully providing disposal services for many years in Singapore.

Our trained team will serve your home disposal services very efficiently. Home repair services come directly with all kinds of disposal services in SG. Our team will give you 100% certainty whether it is light or heavy. Moreover, we are extremely careful when disposing of or destroying confidential or personal documents. We provide state-of-the-art disposal services with great care. So, you will find us beside you to dispose of unnecessary or useless items in your home or office with fidelity.

Home Repair Services is one of the most well-known and popular waste management and disposal services companies in Singapore. We deal with all kinds of unnecessary things or waste in your home or office very quickly. Even at the moment, we take on the responsibility of managing your waste. For heavy or complex garbage or furniture, our trained team will inspect and advise you directly. The simplest and most efficient way we deal with disposal services in Singapore. So call us for any disposal service in your home or office, contact us on WhatsApp or email.




Home Repair Services has been providing disposal services in Singapore for the past few years with a highly skilled team. We are ready to provide customized services to suit your home or office needs. All our services are started by effectively analyzing your surroundings of home or office. So we can solve your problem in a very short time. Our handymen are very skilled and trained. We not only assure the client that we prove our competence with the disposal service accordingly.

Our professional team visits your home or office if necessary and then decides how fast and how to provide your disposal services. Then find the most acceptable method for maximum results. We have to be prepared for the fact that the waste disposal laws in Singapore are very strict. After adjusting all your furniture then we start working. The most important thing is how to solve your problem and meet your expectations without breaking any rules.

Then we will encourage you to contact us and accept the disposal service from us according to our previous work feedback. Call us in case of any need, you can also contact us instantly on WhatsApp or email.




For cleaning the waste, or furniture disposal in Singapore, Home Repair Services follow the state-of-the-art procedures in the garbage disposal. Therefore, we have the right measures to destroy the type of furniture or large-scale industrial products. Let’s take a look at some of our previous work.

If you have recently completed work on a new building or are starting to renovate a house, you may need to dispose of debris, rubbish, or furniture. Our disposal services in sg work to solve all problems with a guarantee. We also separate recyclables items to make Singapore more green and livable.

Hence, let’s look at some of the important benefits of our disposal services—

  • Our well-trained team will complete the disposal with 100% certainty.
  • Our skilled handyman will provide you all the solutions without any loss or hassle through the best method.
  • We are extremely time conscious, so we are very careful about emergencies.
  • Moreover, our team is very skilled at how to carefully destroy confidential or personal waste documents.
  • We find out which method is hassle-free for you according to the rules of Singapore.
  • So call us for any disposal services in your home or office, you can also contact us on WhatsApp or email.




Sometimes waste management becomes very challenging, especially if large amounts of untidy waste remain. The heavier your waste, the more effective procedures it needs. To get from these you need professional waste management services. Which is provided by Home Repair Service in Singapore.

Are you rebuilding your home or office? Or have you renovated the house where waste management is needed? Then call our well-trained team without delay and make the right decisions.

One of the top priorities of Home Repair Services is to keep the whole process simple. Proper disposal of furniture increases the space of your home. As a result, you can put new furniture in the house or get more space. So our skilled team can handle equally everywhere in the office or home. Disposal services are quite useful for tidying up your workspace anew. Let’s check out some of our popular services regarding disposal.


Residential disposal services

We have a skilled team to deal with any type of furniture or waste in the home. Our well-trained team will support you at all times. We try to provide professional eco-friendly services at affordable prices.

Commercial disposal services

Office or commercial buildings are quite complex. Usually, much more setup is required here in less space. Home Repair Services is providing services to everyone here with the help of modern technology. We will therefore encourage you to contact us for commercial disposal services.

Secure Disposal

Client security is very important to us. We try to handle all personal or confidential documents very carefully. Moreover, we arrange the safe places of home or office very nicely.


Above all, the conscious people of Singapore can rely on us for waste and disposal services. We are ready to serve you with 100% success and confidence. So, without delay, we inspire you to contact our team if you need professional disposal services. You can find us by phone call, WhatsApp, or email. Never forget to know more about us from our service pages to get more home-related handyman services.


HRS Do Provides The Following Services:


  • Reinstatement Contractor
  • Shop Reinstatement
  • Wall Hacking
  • Floor hacking
  • Dismantle services
  • Ceiling hacking
  • Wardrobe hacking
  • Door and frame hacking
  • Living Room hacking
  • Storeroom hacking
  • Bathroom hacking
  • Kitchen hacking
  • Toilet hacking
  • The uplifting of Building Materials Disposal
  • Haulage Disposal Service
  • Clearing of Debris


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