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No helper or handyman for housework? Take the service of Home Repair Services In Singapore without worrying. These services will sort out the housework. Our handyman services in sg are working to clean and repair the house starting from the bedroom to bathroom or kitchen.

We have to do household chores all the time. If you live in Singapore and do not have the necessary equipment to do the small chores in your home, do not have previous work experience or cannot do the work due to busy schedule, you can take Handyman Services. Home Repair Services has been successfully coming up with Handyman Services in Singapore for the past few years. Our Handyman staff is highly skilled and experienced. Our handyman service is very up-to-date to maintain all the problems in your home.

We have to go through various problems in our civic life. One day you came home tired and saw that the AC was not working or the fridge was broken. No servicing center is open in the area at this time. The next day you will return to your office at the same time. What will you do now? Waiting for the weekend? Our services have brought a lot of relief in living. In this age of information technology, if you want electronic equipment and technology products that are crippled, you can fix them at home. For this, Home Repair Services have been launched. We come to your home or office with the necessary handyman services sg. This is the repair work. In addition, we are doing various necessary domestic work as well.

The desired service can be called at home using our websites, Phone Call, WhatsApp, or Email. Once the order is confirmed, Our experienced HandyMan will arrive at your home or office address within a specified time. Once the problem is solved, you can pay the bill in cash or through Card.

Home Repair Services Benefits

Our professional handyman can assist in any kind of repair work or re-installation of your home. Maybe you need to do plumbing work or there are various problems in Aircon, we are always cooperating in all such home or office work. Our Handyman Services in Singapore handles it very efficiently.

  • Our service is open 24 hours for you
  • Our main goal is 100% customer satisfaction
  • Customized service and attractive budget plan according to your needs
  • Our experts make plans by visiting your home or office directly
  • Immediate emergency services if necessary 


The smartphone that we have in our hands now, we can make life much easier with it if we want. All kinds of work can now be done through that phone if you want. Cleaning & checking air filter, front panel & cover, Building a dog house, Hanging a mirror or painting, calling an electrician to do housework and a plumber or painter, everyone can be called through Home Repair Services In Singapore.

Now you don’t have to worry about household chores. Because, if you don’t have time, you can visit our website on your smartphone. With which you will get any kind of Handyman Services in the house instantly.

In the service website, you will get almost all types of services at home while sitting at home. Relevant service will appear at home as soon as you know what you need through our website. However, the Hope Repair Services In Singapore is provided for corporate offices in addition to homes. Corporate site Aircon Servicing, Water Heater Installation or Replacement, Floor Repair Services, elevator and generator services, office cleaning, Renovation and Refurbishment. There are also on-demand Decoration Works, Drilling Works, and other services. We also offer air conditioning services, electric and home appliances, electrical services, plumbing and sanitary, Kitchen Worktop Repair, wall painting, home cleaning and many other services. In addition, we have launched some trending services. Furniture Assembly, Door Repair Service, Toilet Installation, Cleaning, Checking, deodorising and purifying filter.

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Why Handyman Services By HRS?

You will get the desired handyman services in sg at home using our websites, Phone Call and WhatsApp. Once the order is confirmed, people will arrive at your home or office address within a specified time.

HomeRepairServices has been providing their handyman services since the last couple of years. Services basically provide all kinds of household chores. We offer a number of services for home including air conditioning service, electric and home appliance, electrical service, plumbing and sanitary, furniture making and repair, wall painting, home cleaning.

In addition to these services, we have launched some trending services. These include Carpentry, Painting, Locksmith, cleaning, and Water Heater services.

Home Repair Services is a digital platform for Handyman and Maintenance Services. We are not just information technology or Plastering & Wall Works; Domestic essential services have already come up for discussion. Our Handyman services include cleaning, electrical, home appliances, interior designing, carpeting, painting, property management, TV Wall Mounting, installation and relocation. All this is done with 100% certainty. The smart handyman of the company is cleaning the floor of your home or office, replacing the bathroom fittings if they are damaged, fixing if the AC is damaged, repairing if the lamp is damaged, fixing the carpet color is damaged, changing the house effortlessly. It is as if Handyman is working to solve all the domestic problems. No robot or machine will do these things. There are a lot of workers for this. Where there are electricians, carpenters, cleaners, painters, plumbers, shift workers. You can use our handyman services using our website, Phone Call, WhatsApp or Email. Handyman will appear at your home as soon as you book the service using any one of them.

So why are you late at home and not taking your desired handyman service today?

Carpentry Service In Singapore By HRS

You will always find us by your side for carpentry work in your home. Our skilled handyman team is always ready to assist you. Our professional handyman carpenter will solve all your problems if you want to install or repair new doors or windows in the house. We have many years of experience in this work. So you can count on us for handyman services.

Let’s find a solution for any kind of handyman, painting or carpentry service in your home or office. Our skilled, and experienced team will always be with you. Take our help in any renovation or repair of your home, kitchen or bathroom. We are at your side to provide you with the highest level of service and maintenance.

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