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How To Repair Door Knob (3 Highly Effective Ways)!

How To Remove Door Knob


A door knob is usually used to open and close doors. A handle that is round is seen in the door knob. There is a bolt or spindle inside the doorknob. On either side of the door is a round doorbell. There are several types of doorknobs available for use in our home or office. However, there are very few people who have not had a problem with Doorknob. Many people have to worry about opening or how to remove door knob. Then we will see step by step how to repair door knob. At the same time, we will learn how to replace the door knob.

Although Doorknob is not very easy to remove, it can be said to be quite a straightforward rule. Even a very complex Doorknob can be fixed in 10 to 15 minutes if you know the system. Security is provided with most Doorknob mounting screws. In this case, you can unscrew the doorknob to remove it. If you can’t find the screw, you can see the next process by opening the round handle. Let’s take a look first at 3 ways how to remove the door knob. After that, we will start to know how to repair door knob. Similarly, we will also see how to replace the door knob. 

That means the article will solve you 3 issues if you check it closely.

  1. How to remove door knob?
  2. How to repair door knob?
  3. How to replace door knob?

Let’s check all the issues to make a home more convenient to live in.


Ways How To Remove Door Knob


While removing a Doorknob is not easy, you can easily remove it in a few minutes if you find the right guide. The task is easier if the doorknob mounting screw is visible, but it will be easier if you open the top slot even if it is not visible. Those doorknobs that do not have slots will get mounting screws as soon as you open the cover plate through which you can open the doorknob very easily. I will try to present you simply in both processes. Let’s start with the simplest way to master removing the Doorknob.


Before You Begin


First, you need to know how many types of doorknobs are available in the market. Usually, we see more use of three types of doorknob. Some of these include a doorknob with screws, a doorknob without screws, and a doorknob with a cover plate.

  • Your screw will be out to remove the doorknob with screws. So you have to unscrew the screw first to remove it.
  • You need to find the screw before removing the unscrewed doorknob. Then very carefully doorknob has to be removed.
  • And if you unscrew the doorknob cover plate, you can open it easily.

This way you can easily remove the doorknob. Follow the steps below for more details.


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#1. Removing a Door Knob with Exposed Screws

Step:1-Find Out The Exposed Screws

Most doorknobs have 1 to 3 visible screws that you can easily find. If you can’t find it, push the cover of the doorknob a little to make it visible. You need to find these screws when you go to remove the doorknob.

Step:2-Unscrew The Knobs

Now you need to unscrew the screws. That’s why you will get a screwdriver that will loosen the screws when inserted. Even those who do this kind of simple work can do it very easily. Remember to keep the screws in a certain place if you want to reuse them. Otherwise, you can lose them at any time or not find them later.
Now if you unscrew all the screws, the top of the doorknob will open as soon as you pull a little. It seems to be a little problem, but it is supposed to open very easily. Then place it in a safe place with a doorknob cover so that it can be easily found for later use.

Step:3-Latch plate and fresh installation

Now you unscrew the latch plate and if you want to use the new doorknob, screw it on.

However, if you see a problem or if the matter still seems complicated, you can take the help of an experienced handyman of the Home Repair Services. With our Lock Repair Service or locksmith services, you can easily repair any lock problem in your home or office on an emergency basis.


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#2. How To Remove A Door Knob Without Screws


No matter how many premium quality doorknobs you will see most now come without screws. the doorknob is not made without screws but their ‍screws are in a very hidden state. If you observe the doorknob very well, you will see that the screws seem to be attached to the door. In fact, the doorknobs are like that and there are a lot of hidden doorknob screws here. So repairs like these can be difficult if you are not experienced. I will try to clear the matter down. Let’s see how to repair and remove the doorknob without screws.


Step:1-Find Out The Hidden Slot & Unscrew The Knobs


Since you have hidden screws on the doorknob so you will see a small hole next to the doorknob. Sometimes it is so subtle that you may not be able to catch it with the naked eye. In that case, you can use paper to find out. When you find a small hole, you will find a slide-like screw that will make a number of small screws come out when you slide. Then unscrew all the screws with a screwdriver. Since the screws are very small so be careful not to forget to unscrew any screws. Remove the screws very carefully.


Step:2-Use an Allen wrench to do it perfectly


If you see the screws look like a head shape then try to use Allen Wrench. Because these are suitable for this job. Remember that as soon as you unscrew the screws, you pull them out. So unscrew the screws properly. The doorknob can be ruined if you try again inexperienced.

However, if you see a problem or if the matter still seems complicated, you can take the help of an experienced handyman of the Home Repair Services. With our Locksmith Repair Service, you can easily repair any lock problem in your home on an emergency basis.


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#3. How To Remove A Door Knob With Cover Plate


How to remove the doorknob with a cover plate? It works fairly easily if I can follow the correct procedure. Let’s see how you can remove the doorknob with the cover plate.


Step:1-Remove The Cover Plate


First, you need to remove the cover plate from the doorknob. Usually, you can remove the cover plate from a small cutout. The cover plate will move as soon as you make a small push with a screwdriver. Keep in mind though, the cover plate may vary according to a doorknob. So according to the cover plate, you have to remove the doorknob that way. You can do this very easily with a little care.

Now all you have to do is rotate the cover plate counterclockwise. You will see that it will come out very easily.


Step:2-Unscrew Any Hidden Screw


These doorknobs again have some hidden screws. You have to see if there is anything. If there are any hidden screws, carefully remove them with a screwdriver. Hopefully, that won’t be a problem.

Then remove the Latch Plate from the Latch Bolt. This will solve the problem of removing your doorknob.

However, if you see a problem or if the matter still seems complicated, you can take the help of an experienced handyman of the Home Repair Services. With our Locksmith Repair Service, you can easily repair any lock problem in your home on an emergency basis.


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Tips When removing Door Knob


  • The doorknob that is painted is a lot more complicated to open. However, it will not be difficult to try.
  • Don’t try to ruin the doorknob. Take the help of a handyman instead.
  • Door knob is a very delicate subject. So be careful.


How To Repair Door Knob?

The problems that are more common in doors are small but often take a lot of trouble to repair. I will discuss the solution of the problems like door lock, freeze, broken key in the door, etc. Dirty and dry locks often do not work properly. Poorly fitting doors also sometimes cause locksmiths to not work properly. How to repair such problem doors will be discussed in detail.

When you have a problem with the lock, you usually need to repair it if you do not have to replace the entire lock. However, it is convenient to find a solution by contacting your nearest Locksmith. You do not have to spend too much on most door lock problems. However, some locks need to be more expensive. So you can replace or repair your lock according to its current location. Let’s see what are the common problems and how to solve those problems at your door.


The door latch is not working properly

If you see that the latch position is not correct, then you will understand that maybe the latch and the strike plate are not in the same alignment. This problem can usually be solved by tightening the hinge screw. If the latch is not found, gently inspect the strike plate to see if the latch will work. This way you can fix it if the door latch works. Even then, if you find that the latch problem is bothering you, seek the help of an experienced locksmith.

Doorknob has become Loose

The doorknob can become loose as a result of prolonged use. The method of repairing it may vary depending on the type of lock. Although it is quite easy to fix Doorknob loose. If you follow the procedure below, you can easily repair the problem of loosing of Doorknob.

  • Loosen the knob set screw first.
  • Hold the knob on the other side of the door and rotate it counterclockwise until it fits the door. Now tighten the knob again so that it works properly.
  • Even then if the problem is not solved then the problem must be understood in the spindle. The real solution is to replace Doorknob.

This way you can solve Doorknob loose issues.

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Door lock is frozen or works slowly

Sometimes the door lock can become frozen. Even dust and sand can make it dirty. In this case, how to repaid Door Knob? In these cases, you can try some solutions before buying a new lock.

First, insert some graphite inside the lock and move it inside the lock with the key. In that case, you can get rid of the stock inside the door due to dirt.

Now see if anything inside the lock is broken or if there is a jam inside the lock. If it is broken then you can buy only broken parts without replacing the complete lock.

This way you can easily repair a slow working and frozen door lock.


Entire Lock Cylinder Repair

If there is a problem with the Entire Lock Cylinder then you first unscrew the screws then tighten the screws anew. You will easily get rid of the problem of the Entire Lock Cylinder. If you still have problems, you need to replace the Entire Lock Cylinder.

Deadbolt Is Stuck

If you see this problem, the solution is—Deadbolts and strike plates will remain in the same alignment. If not, it will be fine if you can screw properly. However, if there is a problem, you will find a solution by installing a new lock.

The key is broken inside the lock

If the key is broken inside the lock, you can unscrew the lock and take the key. Even if you cannot complete the process properly, you need the help of an experienced locksmith.

Usually, the problems described above we see when repairing the Doorknob. If you adhere properly, you will be able to solve Doorknob’s problems very easily.

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How To Replace Door Knob?

How to replace the doorknob actually depends on the type of lock you have. Still worried about how to replace Door Knob? Let’s see how to replace a complete doorknob in 6 steps.

We’ve already discussed A to Z on how to remove the doorknob. Then we learned the tricks if minor repairs are needed. Now we will see if door knob can no longer be repaired then doorknob has to be replaced. Let’s see how to replace the door knob.

Step 1: Remove the DoorKnob

To remove the doorknob you need to remove the door knob from the door first. That process was discussed at the beginning of the article. So I would request to see from there.


Step 2: Insert a new latch on the backset

Make sure in advance that the doorbell is correct. Then insert the new latch. Check if the lock is correct by the brand of latch you will be installing.

Step 3: Install the new first Door Knob

Now you need to set up a new knob. Make sure you place the knob properly in the middle.

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Step 4: Tighten the latch

Set it tight with Doorknob so that it does not slip easily.

Step 5: Install the second knob

Now install the second knob. Check to see if the first knob is connected.

Step 7: Place the strike plate

After properly installing the second knob, install the strike plate. Tighten the screws on the straight plate. Check that the complete lock has reset all the parts. Now see if your lock is working properly. Most probably you will get the solution of replacing the door lock.


This way you can set your door lock at all times. Hopefully, there was no problem understanding. If you think you can’t do it yourself, then you must seek the help of an experienced handyman. Home Repair Services solves your home, office or car lock problem with many years of experience. You can contact us at any time by phone call, WhatsApp or email. We provide home-related any support 24 hours in 7 days.




This way you can remove any doorknob very easily and you will learn how to repair the doorknob. Even if you are not experienced, it will take a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes. However, if you see a problem or if the matter still seems complicated, you can take the help of an experienced handyman of the Home Repair Services. With our Locksmith Repair Service, you can easily repair any lock problem in your home on an emergency basis. You will always find our experienced team via phone call, WhatsApp, and email. So contact us in any need of your home. Hope now it will be easy for you to know how to repair door knob, replace it as well as remove the door knob. Again, if you need more information you can make a comment and share it on social media to help the near and dear ones.


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