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People want to look beautiful as they want, similarly, they want to enhance the beauty of everything inside and outside, from their accommodation, interior decoration, office-court, hospital, school. And this is what the renovation service of Home Repair Services in Singapore comes with. With the development of the real estate industry, thousands of apartment and commercial buildings are constantly being built in Singapore. Shops, multinationals, show-rooms of various domestic and foreign brands have been set up. Therefore, the importance of renovation service and the demand for interior design or renovation services in Singapore has increased over time.

Our renovation service will suggest the walls, floor, doors, windows, furniture and even the curtain of the house you are living in. In a word, it is the job of the renovation handyman or interior designer to design and implement everything from the color of the walls of the house, the design of the matching furniture and the color to how to make the most of the small space.

Initially, just by looking at the interior decoration, it can be seen that the housewife of each house as well as the other members are also very skilled and interested in home decoration. What to paint the house, how much space the bedroom will have, where to put any furniture, what the dining room will look like, what cabinets to put in the kitchen, in general, the thought of decorating the house is very enthusiastic. He bought things from the market and arranged them. This arrangement can be called decoration. Because there is no creativity of its own in this work. In fact, many people think that interior renovation is the name of the house or office, sofa-carpet or accessories. But not at all. Actually, renovation service is a holistic matter. In a word – what kind of door, where or what type of design will look beautiful, where the window or how the light or the color of the room will stand out.


Basically, our main goal of renovation service in sg is to present the home, office or any organization in a comfortable and aesthetic way through the proper use of furniture, lights, furnishings by using every space. The color of the walls is the job of our renovation service team to design and implement all the details of how to make the most of the space.

Home Repair Services is a trusted name for renovation service in SG, with a mix of interior, technology and expertise developed by a combination of skilled and creative designers and handymen. Our goal is to meet your desired needs by presenting the best design to ensure the best use of your home space.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of our renovation services.

Ensuring complete service at the most affordable price.
We have many years of renovation or interior service experience.
Dealing with any annoying situation very carefully.
Doing any repairing work in the home successfully.
All types of Tiles repairing Services.

Our qualified team starts with arranging everything in your home and decides which one will be more beautiful. Moreover the past experience in our team is able to satisfy you a hundredfold. So easily contact us for your home renovation service without delay. You will always find us in phone calls, WhatsApp, and emails.

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Our experienced renovation service team does the aluminum, vinyl encasement, carpentry, painting and roofing. In many cases, the setting of doors, windows or walls has to be changed. In this case, you must take care that the building is not at risk. Our team members have the relevant academic knowledge to support your renovation work.

Let the home or office be full of aesthetics and be full of creativity. But of course it should be according to your budget. And no matter how you arrange your interior, it should not ruin your comfort in any way, that aspect should be taken special care of. Moreover, our main purpose is to provide a renovation service that is compatible with the size and environment of your home or office.

Apartment Renovation

Our designers apply their highest talent to make your dream home a reality with renovation work including gutter & downspout Installation or landscaping and hardscaping.

Full Unit Renovation

Looking for an aesthetic design for awesome duplex villas? Feel free to come to Home Repair Services. We do roofing, painting, and even corridor renovation.

Fitness Center Renovations

What if the design of your fitness center is not comfortable? Decorate your fitness center with your design with a mix of nobility and comfort.

The kitchen Renovation

Every housewife wants a modern kitchen. Let us know your needs. That can be window/door replacement or siding, wood, stucco, vinyl, and masonry. We will give you eye-catching designs.

Dining Renovation

Give your dining space a neat and attractive look. Our interior designers will bring a charming rhythm to your home decor with full unit renovation.

Office and Clubhouse Renovations

The design of the modern drawing room of Home Repair Services Interior will bring a deep feeling to your guests.

Tiles Services

The tile works need to be handled very carefully because if it goes a little sideways, the beauty of the whole floor will be ruined. A skilled Home Repair Services technician will assist you in properly installing your office or home tiles. We are very careful with the tile services. Keep reading below to know more details about our tiles service in Singapore. Important to realize, we also offer any kinds of tile repairing services in Singapore as well.

Rules for laying tiles – you will find the work of tiles complicated because once the work of tiles is done, there is no chance to correct the mistakes. Among the tiles, the work of floor tiles is somewhat complicated and only the skill and proper supervision of the mason or skilled worker can bring accuracy to the work. If you are not a skilled mechanic or handyman, the result will be zero.

Modern city homes are now unimaginable without tiles. The terracotta tiles that began to be used in Egyptian civilization about seven thousand years ago have now become unrivaled building materials for floors and walls. The word tiles come from the French word Tile, but the word Tegula has been used in Latin for a long time. As an alternative to tiles, more different building materials are used on the floor or walls. At one time only floor finishing was done with cement net finishing and later mosaic work was very popular. Many floors use marble or granite. However, the use of tiles is now the most popular. Reasons include installation time, longevity, beauty, easy maintenance, etc. There are also various reasons for using tiles.

  • Can be installed in a short time and easily cared for. 
  • No need to paint for wall use or in the future. 
  • There is no possibility of catching salt on the wall ever. 
  • The floor is flat and does not break easily due to injury or other issues. 
  • Does not easily scratch or rust and is fire resistant.
  • Tiles are easy to replace and easy to maintain.
  • Relatively low cost and longer-lasting than mosaic and marble. 

What issues does HRS really take care of when offering Tiling Services?

The skilled Home Repair Services team is very careful about some things. E.g.- makes a sound after laying the tiles? If such a problem occurs, those tiles will have to break again. When installing, check that spices are entering all the tiles and check with a wooden or rubber hammer to prevent such noise or sound.

At the same time, if the tiles look high and low, these tiles will have to break and the tiles will have to be re-laid. You have to check it again and again with the spirit level.

Another issue you may face, if there are spots on the side of the tiles, if there are small spots, it should be fixed by pointing, but if it is big, the tiles should be broken and new tiles should be installed.

Another problem can occur if the pointing is not cleaned well. After installing the tiles, if the framework goes inside the tiles, you have to see if the framework is installed properly.

The surface should be cured with water for 1 to 2 days and dried for a few days. Otherwise, the surface will absorb the water of the mortar so that the tiles will not bond with the mortar without water or the mortar tiles will leave the bond within a few days of laying the tiles.

Our skilled team is well trained and dedicated to the job. How to make the tiles service in sg attractive with all the efforts they make. If you see any kind of problem, you also try to find out how to solve it. We do our best to satisfy you. So take the tiles service SG of Home Repair Service without any delay and hesitation. Contact us for more details by phone call, WhatsApp, or email. Hopefully, our skilled team will make your work more glorious.

The HRS team provides suggestions about taking care of tiles in detail. For example—

To prevent any kind of dark spots, the house should be wiped with water every day. You should take care so that water does not accumulate on the tiles. Dirt stains usually appear on the corners of the joints where the tiles are attached, so at least one day a week detergent powder can be used in soapy water or foam soap, or liquid cleaner. A very stiff brush cannot be used, as it may scratch.

In order to prevent tiles from being damaged by oil and greasy stains, the stains should be cleaned immediately with soapy water. You can use a dry cotton cloth to clean the ceramic tiles of the walls. You should not pull heavy furniture over tiles, you have to move it higher.
We work with the most renowned types of tiles for our tiles services. That includes—

  1. Floor and wall tiles
  2. Rustic tiles
  3. Pavement tiles
  4. Ceramics tiles

Need to mention some things to look for before laying tiles. For example, how electrical pipes or points are set up, whether the water lines have been properly installed, the place where the tiles will be installed should be cleaned in advance, the tiles should be soaked in half a drum of water two hours before fitting and removed from the water half an hour before installation.
There are many more things that need to be done properly to make your tiles last longer. You may not know about these but if those who are providing tiles service are not trained, forgetting a little can create trouble on the floor of your home or office. So contact our experienced professional tiles repairing team without delay. We will always support you in a 100% modern way. Contact us for tiles service or tiles repairing services from anywhere in Singapore by phone call, WhatsApp, or email. We serve 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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We have an expert team to install and repair the tiles. Our team has practical knowledge and many years of experience in tiling replacement. Our team is ready to provide installation services starting from all types of tiling repairs.

Does your door not look suitable for the beauty of the house or does the floor need more work? Our renovation service team will assist you at all times in repairing tiles, painting roofs, or window curtains. Our experienced team will visit your home or office first. Then he will give you advice on what to do to make your home look tidy and clean. You don’t have to worry too much as we provide services at affordable prices. So easily contact us for your home renovation service without delay. You will always find us in phone calls, WhatsApp, and emails.

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