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Safety Tips for Electrical Installation

7 Effective Safety Tips for Electrical Installation

It is necessary to ensure safety at the time of electrical installation. If we know the safety tips for electrical installation, it will help us to stay away from danger. One cannot imagine a day without electricity today. The use of electricity is constantly increasing in our daily life. But your lack of awareness or negligence can lead to a fatal accident – it can take away your precious life. So let’s not know how to ensure electrical safety in different cases.

Some important safety tips for electrical installation


Things we need to know about electrical safety. Knowing safety tips for electrical installation will save us from fatal accidents. Hence, let’s see safety tips for electrical installation.

Safety tips at work for electrical installation


All the work of the sub-station should be done by the person in charge to stay safe from electrical installation.

  • Other than inspection or maintenance, entrances to high-power equipment-rich installations should be kept closed.
  • When working, make sure that the electrical connection between the line and the equipment is completely disconnected, test each phase and ground if necessary.
  • Every worker has to wear proper clothes while working, wear proper shoes, helmet, gloves.
  • Employees must wear approved safety belts and straps while working and take other safety measures.
  • When working with a portable ladder, it is necessary to tie the ladder so that it does not slip in any way.
  • Equipment used in the workplace should be monitored to ensure that it is working properly and stored properly, defective equipment should be eliminated.
  • Conductive objects should be kept at a safe distance when working with lines or equipment with electrical connections. Safe remote means kV safe distance 11 kV 2 ft and 33 kV 3 ft.


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Electrical safety at home and in residential areas


  • Use of conductive wires and equipment approved by BSTI and use of appropriate fuses in all circuits.
  • All switches will be connected to the phase of the supply line. For single-phase two-pole and for the three-phase four-pole main switches should be used.
  • Electrical appliances used in the home such as refrigerators, ovens, televisions, computers, etc. must be grounded to the correct standard and size and wired by the right size wire.

Wet hands should be avoided


  • When building a house, a safe distance should be maintained from the nearest power line.
  • When planting trees, care should be taken to maintain the required distance from the overhead line.


Electrical safety in factories and other workplaces


  • Each electrical line switch, circuit breaker, fan, cutout, electrical equipment, generator; In general, places, where there are electrical lines, should be inspected on a daily basis.
  • At the beginning and end of the work, the electrical connection to the unit or floor should be disconnected and recorded in the register.
  • No wires should be left open anywhere and the wires should be neatly dressing. No tape wrapping / broken or burnt plugs, sockets, switches can be used.
  • The DB board will be locked, it will have a danger signal and there will be a rubber mat under the DB board.
  • All machine peas must have a pulley cover.
  • Necessary training needs to be provided for all to avoid damage in any danger.
  • Safety while working on electrical lines

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Always work with a trained person


  • When working, the electrical connection of the line and the equipment should be completely disconnected.
  • Workplace equipment needs to be ensured to be working properly and stored properly.
  • Every worker must wear appropriate clothing, shoes, helmet, gloves, and approved safety belts and straps during work.
  • Be careful when working with portable ladders. If necessary, you have to work with a ladder.

The cause of the electrical accident


The causes of electrical accidents can be mainly divided into three parts. If we check it carefully we may keep ourselves safe from most electrical disasters. So, check these tips for electrical installation.

  • Technical.
  • Incompetence
  • Natural.

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Technical causes of the accident

Let’s check the technical causes of the electrical mischance.


  1. Not accepting shut-down while working on electrical lines.
  2. Irregular shut-down reception.
  3. Wrong shut-down.
  4. Not being sure of power off by phasing test or voltage tester.
  5. Not doing temporary grounding by the right quality wire at the source and load side.
  6. Side connection, dual-source, and generator or alternative source / other pubes
  7. Having sources etc. and not discharging the line capacitor during work.
  8. Hang the fuse cut-out barrel down.
  9. Trying to start faulty line through ACR / OCR / breaker without fixing the line error.
  10. Not inspecting and maintaining the line properly.
  11. Feeder or equipment being overloaded.
  12. Twisting without pressing the connector.
  13. Not keeping a record of load splitting or line transfer between multiple feeders or substations and not informing the concerned.
  14. Not maintaining or renewing old or dilapidated lines.
  15. ACR / breaker setting is not appropriate. Not using the correct size fuse link in the transformer.


Having loose connection and conductor red hot. Unexplained causes of the accident—

If we want to be aware of electrical trouble, the below matters will surely help.

  • Ignorance and negligence of power workers and not practicing on a regular basis.
  • Excessive self-confidence and wrong or short-cut approach at work.
  • Not doing the right of way properly.
  • Line clearance not being appropriate. Build houses and plant trees without following the prescribed distance.
  • Illegal use of electricity, side connection, meter, and CT or PT tampering, etc.
  • Use of low-quality materials in wiring and not wiring properly.
  • Not having a work plan and not having enough knowledge about the line.
  • Working in line from not being physically and mentally healthy.
  • Starting work without creating a safe environment.
  • Not keeping the poll numbering and system information up to date.
  • Not following the decisions of monthly safety meetings / technical seminars properly.
  • Ignorance about electrical safety and accidents, carelessness, indifference, and lack of coordination.
  • Non-compliance with safety rules and non-compliance with traffic laws while driving. Causes of natural disasters:

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Natural causes can be divided into three-part

For example.

Atmospheric Disasters:
Storms, lightning, cyclones, thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, tidal waves.
Surface Disasters:
Floods, river erosion, coastal erosion, landslides, soil erosion, fires.
Underground disasters:
Earthquakes and volcanoes.


We will all be aware now to ensure electrical safety in every case. Remember, your life is worth more than anything else. Above all, if you need any electrical repair services to your home or office, contact us at any time. Our experienced team will help you to repair electrical works with safety. For more info or questions, make the comment from the below section. Thanks for staying with us.


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